10 Things Every New Blogger Should Know if They Want to Make Money

Are you new to blogging? If yes, there are few things you need to know.10 Things Every New Blogger Should Know if They Want to Make Money

These information are very crucial to your success in blogging.

Starting with number #1…

1. There’s money in blogging

I believe you have heard this before. There is a serious money in blogging.

I am a blogger and I make at least $3,000 per month, but wait… read number two

2. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme

Even though there’s money in blogging, you ain’t gonna make it so soon.


The reason is obvious…

When you are starting your new blog, it’s like you are talking to an empty hall.

You will need to take time (sometime years) to build your audience before you can start to earn.

A very important point is next…

3. You will need money to create a good blog

Hey… before now, it was possible to make money with a free blog.

But, I am sorry to let you know that things have changed…

And Now…

You will need some money to buy:

  1. Domain name
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Premium theme
  4. Some premium plugins
  5. Contents…
  6. pay for blog setup and customization…and more


4. You will not make money when people just visit your blog

Don’t be angry with me because I have said this…

A blog is just like an empty shop in the market.You need to sell something before you make money.

You won’t just start making money just because people have visited your blog.

Yes, you need to have a strategy to monetize your blog to make money.

5. You will need to Write Articles to Pay for Writers

I have seen many new bloggers start blogging by doing copy and paste.

Let me tell you… Google or other search engines will  not rank your blog.

The reason is because of duplicate content violation.

Because of this, you will have low traffic, and of course no or low chances to make money.

So, if you are starting your blog, make sure you can write articles. If you cannot write article, then buy it.

What next?

6. You will traffic to Make Money

My brothers and sisters, web traffic is a currency to any web income.

Forget what you heard from shabby publishers that you will just start earning after launching your blog.

It’s not so…

You will need to build readership base.You will need to build followers.

Yes, you will achieve this by publishing relevant contents regularly.

7. You will need to Work hard

When I receive alert into my local bank account, I will quote it #SoftWork

But it’s not really so.

The alert I receive today is as a result of my years of hard work.

So, you will need to spent time and effort to build and grow your blog.

Sorry… there is no other way!


8. You will need to be Patient a Bit 

I know you want to make money fast… But wait..

Wait.. Wait…

While you wait, continue to update your blog with relevant contents. That’s it.

This is because if you are too ambitious, you might get pissed off…

This may cause you to quit blogging prematurely.

And you will loose!


9. Make sure you sell something

I hate it when bloggers depends solely on Google AdSense make money from their blogs.

I personally make at least $1,500 selling eBooks alone on my blogs.

So learn how to do this too.

In fact you must do this if you want to make money.


10. You will have to be reading other Blogs

As a blogger, reading other blogs must be your hobby, else you will expire.

You need to read more than you write.

That’s the only way you can update yourself with the current trends in your niche.

If you read other blog, you will know what’s working and what’s not.

That’s it…

I will update this page if i still have other options to add.

However, If you have other idea, add them in the comments sections below.

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