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Do you know that your blog may have the potential to make thousands of dollars for you every month? Yes, I am serious and you may may not be away of it. Any blog (even one month old) can make money if you know how to monetize it. I mean it.

Who doesn’t want to make money from a blog?  But unfortunately, many bloggers don’t even know the worth of their blog. They don’t know how to make money from it.

The situation is very bad. Imagine that some other bloggers …

(a) are struggling with Google Adsense as if that’s the only source of income from their blog. Some don’t even have Adsense;

(b) do not make any headway with affiliate marketing;

(c) are unable to create or sell any digital product;

(d) are unable to create and provide any service on your blog and so on…

Does any of these explain your situation now?

If yes, this is sad because your blog is actually an online real estate gold mine where expert bloggers can squeeze money from it.

I did not know this until I attended a blog marketing webinar that opened my eyes. I used the ideas I learned to monetize my 2 month old blog and also help other bloggers to maximize their blog’s potential.

And now… I can make money even from a one one old blog with very little web traffic. I can help you to do that too (with no fees).

I will simply review your blog and tell your what you are not dong right. After going through your web pages, I will fully understand the monetization strategies that will work well on your blog. I will also suggest things you should do to maximize your blog earnings. I do this as part of my free services.

What you will Get after your Blog Review

The cardinal points of your blog review will be (but not limited to):

1. Blod design for monetization

2. blog Traffic generation tips

3. Lead generation and value channels

5. Conversion channels (making real money) including testing

6. Measurement and analysis

How to Contract me to Review your Blog.

If you will want me to review your blog (of which you will benefit), Send the following information;

  1. Blog url
  2. Domain age
  3. Monthly unique users
  4. Niche
  5. Current monetization strategy (if any)

To the admin of this blog: Ifiokobong via linethought [at] with the subject, “Please Review my Blog“. Please use your real name in the communications (nick names will not be attended to)

Terms and Condition:

Please note the following terms and conditions;

  1. That this service is free
  2. I will never ask of your blog login details except you contract me for custom offer (not mentioned on this page)
  3. Due to many requests, there is no guarantee that I will have time to review all the blog sent for me to review.
  4. If you want me to review your blog fast (in 24 hours), you can send only $10 (coffee) to my paypal account – email linethought [at]
  5. Results you will get from the recommendations are unique and depends solely on your implementation strategies (no guarantees they will work). Though very helpful as some says.
  6. You email will be added in your contact list for future communications.
  7. We will publish the review result on the “Blog Reviews” section of this blog with a link back to your blog. This is a boost (if you understand what I mean).


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  1. Will i at least make physical money at the end of the month

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