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You are looking for traffic to your blog right? I bet you can get even now. I mean it! Many pro-bloggers have revealed thousands of ways to increase your blog traffic. There are many of them ranging from SEO, guest posting, blog commenting, ad so on…

But unfortunately, many of these suggestions really sucks. They are not only time consuming but looks unfeasible especially to new bloggers who simply want to make money from their blog fast.

But there’s a way out. There is a new blog traffic source that experts are using now to increase their blog traffic.

You may think that “blog monetization” is just what you do in order to make money from your blog. That it seems like a completely separate issue from getting traffic.

But, you’d be wrong, my young blogger. 😉

See, the reason most blogs have a REALLY hard time getting traffic is because they’re set up to operate at a loss.

Literally, the blog just LEAKS people. So, there’s no leverage built around the trickles of traffic the blog does get. Or (even worse) the only “monetization” is had by sending people AWAY from your blog by clicking on ads or affiliate links.

What a shame. But, there’s also this…

Traffic is literally EVERYWHERE. There’s no shortage of it at all. In fact, it is like rice. It is, quite literally, a commodity. And like any commodity, you just go buy it.

Yes, go to the traffic store!

Facebook, Twitter, Google – a number of big companies – are inviting you to come over and simply BUY traffic from them.

Thing is…. the idea of using paid traffic just never occurs to most blog owners. They think:

  • “I can’t afford it”
  • “I don’t want to spend money till I made it”

Thing is, the ONLY reason you’re forced to think that way is because your blog is most likely fundamentally designed to operate at a financial loss.

If it wasn’t, you could afford to buy traffic.

In fact, you could reliably and stably build your list, get an engaged community – all while making money doing it.

It isn’t even a “trick”. It is just a matter of structuring your blog so that it isn’t designed to lose money and leak people.

And… the blog monetization model is your roadmap for designing a blog which is designed for profit – not a loss.

That’s why this model is literally your ticket to traffic.

What do you think?

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