Monetize your Blog with these 7 Ways

Do you have a blog? If yes, use these 7 ways to monetize it. If you are very serious about this tips, you can squeeze out money even from your one-month old blog. 

monetize your blog

The problem faced by many new bloggers is that they usually start a blog without a clear blog monetization strategy.

It’s agreed that many people will start a blog just for the fun of it [passion-driven], but people like me make money from blogging and I think you’ll like it more if you too are making money from it. I enjoy blogging because it makes money for me.

Want to monetize your blog? See the 7 major ways to monetize your blog here.

1. Monetize your Blog through Advertising

This is the process of placing a paid banner or links on your blog. There are many ways to make money on your blog via advertising. You could have a direct advertising deal with a client or through third party like Google and other ad networks. See ways to make money from your blog through advertising.

2. Monetize your Blog through Affiliate marketing

This is the process of placing banners or links from your afilliate (partner/sponsor) on your blog with the aim of getting a sales commission from every successful sales. It’s one of the most popular ways to make money from blogs. See ways to make money from your blog through affiliate marketing

3. Monetize your Blog through Products Sales

This is the process of selling products (either physical or digital) to your blog users/readers. It could be anything like eBooks, software, video, podcast, etc.  See ways to make money from your blog through sales

4. Monetize your Blog by Providing  Services

This is the process of providing paid services to your blog users/readers. There are many services you can provide on your blog but it will depend on the type of niche you are blogging on. This could be training, designing, customization or any related freelance services. See ways to make money from your blog by providing services

5. Monetize your Blog with Paid Subscription

This is the process of allowing your blog users/readers to become paid subscribed members of your blog. Here they pay you money to read your articles. Subscription billings could be monthly or yearly depending on your desire. See ways to make money from your blog through paid subscriptions  

6. Monetize your Blog via eCommerce

This is the process of turning your blog into an online store where you list products and allowing users/readers to buy using their credit/debit card or pay-on-delivery. This is one of the best strategy to monetize your blog. See ways to make money from your blog through eCommerce

7. Monetize your Blog with Off Page Blog Monetization

This is the process of making money from your blog outside the internet. You can do this by conducting events, paid-to-attend seminars, consulting etc. See ways to make money from your blog outside the internet.

These are the best 7 ways to make money from your blog. So, you got to have this on your mind if you want to monetize your blog. Feel free to ask question if you need clarifications. Success!

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  1. paul says:

    Hey, I want to ask…how do you withdraw money from adsense from Nigeria?

    • Ifiokobong says:

      You can get the money using your diamond savings extra account, domiciliary account or via check. Success!

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