Invalid Traffic for Content: How to Analyze your Blog Traffic and Protect your AdSense Account

This post is about invalid traffic for content. Here, you will learn how to analyze your blog traffic and protect your AdSense account against closure.

AdSense Invalid Traffic for Content

Last month, someone complained that he has $1,080 and Google AdSense team debited $1,000 for invalid traffic for content thereby leaving only $80 for the guy. $80 means that the guy does not even qualify for the next payment cycle. This was tragic but the fault is his and not the Google AdSense Team.  I will explain…

Google AdSense Team have invested a lot of money to traffic invalid click on their ad published around web pages. What is invalid click?

How to Analyze “Invalid Traffic for Content”

An invalid click happens in any of the following:

1. When one user clicks an ad multiple times (click bombing). This is tracked by the IP address of the user. Before now, this was a capital offense that usually resulted in account closure.

2. When a user clicks an ad and do not spend at least 6 seconds on the advertisers webpage

3. When a user clicks an ad while landed him/her on a web page that uses language he/she doesn’t understand. A typical example is a French person landing on an English advertiser’s webpage.

4. When the user mistakenly clicks an ad and automatically re-navigates back from the ad landing page.

5. When you have a web traffic from only one source e.g Facebook

If any of these things happens, Google AdSense team will deduct all the earnings accrued from these invalid clicks. According to them, they said that they’ll return the money to the advertisers. I don’t know how true is that claim.

Invalid Traffic for Content is really a thing of concern because excessive occurrence could attract an attention of human evaluation from Google which might lead to account closure. So it’s important to analyze how much the debit you and think of ways you can reduce it.

According to Google AdSense staff, if the debit amount is higher than 3% of the total earnings for that, it could put the Google AdSense account in great danger.

How do you know this percentage? Simply take the debited amount and divide with the total amount and multiply by hundred. See the picture below for explanation


Invalid Traffic – AdSense for Content debit = $136.76

Total Earnings – AdSense for Content = $9,525.09

The percentage of of debit will be $136.76/$9,525.09 X 100% = 1.435%.

This is lower than 3% of the total earnings. This means that the account is in save hand.

How to Protect your AdSense Account for Future “Invalid Traffic for Content”Debit or Closure

Now that you know things that could cause invalid traffic for content, let’s see how you can protect yourself. Simply review your blog traffic sources and see if you understand any of the listed causes of invalid click.

There are so many ways you can analyze your blog traffic. I prefer Google Search Console. You can use JetPack Plugin to analyze your website stat if you are blogging with WordPress. You can also use statecounter if you are blogging with

The main reason to analyze your web traffic is to understand the source of your web visitors. If your Invalid Traffic for Content is very higher, I will recommend to pause posting your blog links on Facebook for a while. Try and optimize your blog to get organic search engine traffic because it’s the best.

With these few tips, you can reduce the amount that Google will debit you next month for invalid traffic for content. Success 🙂


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