Steps to Get Fully Verified U.S. PayPal Even if You are not in the U.S

In this guide, I will show you how I finally got my verified US PayPal here in Ghana. With this strategy, you can get US verified PayPal account wherever you are in the World be it India, Pakistan, Ghana or Moon.

Many people are selling this information but I decided to give it to you for free. I will show all the steps involved in the process with no step skipped.

If you are a blogger, you will know how importance to peer-to-peer PayPal account to your blogging success.  When I mean peer-to-peer, I mean a PayPal account that you can use to send and receive payments.

But unfortunately, PayPal does not allow all participating countries to accept payments. This is bad because it’s a very serious limitation for many bloggers.

You are missing a lot as a blogger if you are not able to receive payment with PayPal. There are so many affiliate marketing programs you can join and make money from your blog. But the bad news is that they pay via PayPal.

And now…The Good News

See the steps to Get Fully Verified US PayPal Wherever You Are in the World Legitimately – Even in the Moon

Please follow the steps below. Do not skip any step or you will be slapped by …!  

Step One –  Register for Payoneer Account

Payoneer is a global payment service that allows users to accept money anywhere (US, UK, Europe, or Mars) as if there are residing there.

Payoneer account is FREE. They will even give you free $25 for singing up. So you should be happy to join them on top of their wonderful services. Link: make your first $25 online >> signup with Payoneer here.

After signing-up, they will ask you to send any form of identification for account activation. This could be your government issued I.D. card, Drivers license, Voters card or International Passport.

Payonner is a bank (virtual), that’s why they need form of identification as part of their KYC requirements. Please make sure you use a discoverable mailing address during registration.

After activation, they will send you your Payoneer Mastercard (ATM) to you via the postal address you provided.

You will need this in verifying your US PayPal account. Your Payonner account will at this time act as your bank in the US.

2. Change your IP Address to US (Hide your Identity)

Now that you have your Payoneer MasterCard with you, the next step is to go incognito. PayPal and other websites use technology to know where you are browsing from. All you need to do is to use another technology to change your location while you are browsing.

These technology is called Virtual Private Network (VPN). They simply change your IP address to your location of choice. Simply change your location to US before you visit PayPal website.

There are various services you can use. I have personally used some of the following services:

Visit any of the above links and subscribe for your service of choice. There are not free but the fee is okay compared to the benefits you will get after everything. I have tried a lot of things online and this one works like magic!


3. Change Your IP Address

*Important! Use any of the service listed above to change your IP address. Just choose any location of your choice in the US.

4. Signup with PayPal

After changing your location to any state in the United States, visit PayPal website and signup.

Now the last step… VERIFICATION

5. Use your Payoneer Account to Verify your US PayPal account

Login to your Payonner account and click on the Global Payment Services to get your bank name, account type, routing number and account name. These are the information you will need to supply to PayPal.

Now Login to your US PayPal account and click on “Add bank”. Once it opens, supply your Payoneer Account details in the spaces provided. Give them your card details if they request them.

The Verification Process begins…

Now PayPal will pay money into your Payoneer account (two times) and ask you to check your account and tell them how much they have deposited.

Visit your Payoneer account to confirm how much they sent to your account. Then head over to your PayPal account, click verify button and type in the figures.

Congratulations! You now have a verified US PayPal account even if you are not in the US.

CAUTION: PayPal will freeze this kind of account no mater how much you have in it if you mismanage it. One of the renowned reasons of closure is when you log in from locations other than the one you chose during signup. So, the best advice is to always connect to the internet via your VPN before you login to PayPal account. Have you heard? A word is enough for the wise.

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