3 simple tips to help you get repeat visitors to your blog

In this guide, I will teach you the 3 simple tips to help you get repeat visitors to your blog. There comes a point in every website owner’s life when he or she thinks, “If only I had more traffic, everything would work perfectly.”

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Have you hit that moment yet with *your* website or blog?

I’m going to share some traffic-boosting ideas with you today… but first, I want to share a few important insights that are not about increasing your traffic.

First of all, let’s explore *why* you want more traffic. Because sometimes, the “if only I had more traffic” dream is just a cover-up. You might *think* that traffic would solve your problem, but that isn’t necessarily the case. (This can be a little like the way cosmetic surgery addicts convince themselves that a new nose would make everything else in their lives better.)

So… if you have a site that already attracts some traffic, that converts well, and that’s respected by your peers and role models, then YES, absolutely, it’s time for you to seek traffic growth.

But if your site has poor conversion rates, no defined content strategy or promotion strategy, and is primarily visited by your mom and your second cousin, then no, traffic is not the thing you really need to focus on right now.

Assuming that you *are* ready to focus on growing your traffic, take a moment to think about what kind of traffic you want to attract. Not all traffic is equally beneficial!

In the early stages of website growth, concentrate your efforts on attracting “warm traffic” – people who have already heard of you and seen some of what you offer. That might be via social media, your comments on other people’s blogs and online forums, or through guest posts you’ve written, for example.

(You can leave “cold traffic” – people who have no idea what you’re all about – until later. For now, let’s just focus on bringing warm traffic to your site.)

So get out there beyond your own site, join in conversations, and show the world what you do and why you’re doing it. Then invite people who like what you’re saying and doing to visit your site to get to know you better.

But there’s no point bringing extra visitors to your site if all they’ll do is take a quick look and then leave, never to return again. The most valuable kind of traffic is *repeat* traffic – people who visit over and over. So here are 3 simple tips to help you get those repeat visitors:

  1. Make sure that when people arrive at your site, you welcome them and offer them something memorable for showing up! They’ll only come back for a repeat visit if their first visit makes a good impression.
  1. Encourage visitors to share their email address with you so that you can send them more good stuff. Top blogs like QuickSprout, The Huffington Post and Mashable get a huge amount of their traffic by sending out regular emails to their subscribers, inviting them to come back and check out the latest new posts and resources.
  1. Keep publishing content your audience will love. To find out what they’d like you to create, pay attention to comments on your blog and replies to your emails – your audience will tell you what they need! Then you help them meet those needs, and they’ll keep coming back to your site.

Traffic and engagement are essential for any online business. Just be sure that you’re focusing on attracting the right *type* of traffic so that your effort isn’t wasted.

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  1. Michael Alex says:

    Please i cant create a payoneer account

  2. Chidube Ikah says:

    My dream today is to be like you. I will continued my struggling until I learn sth from you. I like blogging. pls help those who want to help themselves, thanks.

  3. Chidube Ikah says:

    My dream today is to be like you. I like blogging. pls help those who want to help themselves, thanks.

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