Godaddy discontinued Mad Mini Affiliate Program

The popular email marketing software Mad Mimi owned by Godaddy, has announced that they will discontinue their affiliate program on May 30th 2016. So bloggers will cease to end money by promoting this service. I got the announcement on my mail just now.


We are sad to announce that we will soon be ending our Mad Mimi Affiliate Program.

Your efforts to spread the word and share your experiences have made an incredible impact on our team and have not gone unnoticed. We owe you all a HUGE thank you, as without you, we would not be who we are today!

To conclude our program, new referrals will no longer be added to your account after the program ends on May 30, 2016. However, your existing referrals will continue to earn commissions through Nov 30, 2016. All commission payouts will be paid as usual with the final payout on Dec 15, 2016.

Why are we ending the Affiliate Program?

Mad Mimi’s Affiliate Program was established in the earliest days of our business. Over the past 7 years, we’ve worked hard to maintain the favorable terms of this program as best we can. After much consideration, we’ve determined it’s no longer sustainable to maintain the aggressive affiliate terms established during our company’s infancy. We’re incredibly appreciative to all who have participated, and very glad the program was able to continue as long as it did.

Mad Mimi’s core mission will remain the same: to provide excellent customer support and a product designed for our users.

Can I have an extension to the date I can get credit for new referrals/last payment/etc?

Because the program is ending completely, we’re not able to offer extensions on any of these dates.

Since you’re ending the Mad Mimi Affiliate Program, is there another affiliate program I can use?

Our parent company, GoDaddy, has a referral program you can get in on. You can refer people to many products, including GoDaddy Email Marketing. For more information, contact You can also get in on GoDaddy’s Reseller program if you want to sell a white label version of many GoDaddy products and services!

We hope that you will continue to share us with your fans, friends and family. Thank you again for your part in the Mad Mimi Affiliate Program and we wish you all the best!

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