Steps to Create and Host Your WordPress Blog for $12 Per Year with Godaddy Web Hosting

In this guide, I will show you how you can create and host your WordPress blog for only $12 per year with Godaddy web hosting. Yesterday, I published a very interesting guide on how to get a verified US PayPal account.

From observation, most of my readers do not have a blog yet. Others who have blog are blogging on blogspot or These two offers free blog hosting services with very serious disadvantages when it comes ot blog monetization.

It is difficult to monetize the .blogger or blog because of so many reasons. With these platforms, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to:

  1. optimize your blog SEO;
  2. cloak your affiliate links;
  3. automate and receive online payment;
  4. create a store;
  5. use affiliate plugin;
  6. control ad banners and links… and more.

The reason this is so is obvious. .blogger and host a blog for you for free. So don’t expect to have a full benefit as compared to the one you pay for your hosting. even run some advertisement on your behalf. They make money from your blog without giving you a dime. Both of them will never allow you to install any plugin to help you betterĀ  customize and monetize your blog. They really suck!

There’s a way out in this…cheap!

So, the best thing is to host your blog alone. Like this blog you are reading is hosted on Godaddy web hosting. I will show you how to host your own blog too. Very cheap – only $12 per year which is the cost of a cup of coffee.

Few recap about blogging… for the benefit of typical newbies here.

A blog is where you write and publish what you know or love. These information on blogs are hosted on the web server. This allows other people to see your blog and read your articles.

Like other smart bloggers, you can make serious money from blogging. This blog you are reading is making $3,000 every month from affiliate marketing.

And we are currently publishing helpful guides on how to monetize your blogs effectively. So… that’s all about blog in few sentences (but there’s a lot to know about blogging).

This is the steps to create and host your own blog for only $12 per month with Godaddy web hosting.

What you will need are:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • Debit/Credit card for payment. Godaddy also accept PayPal and gift cards

Step 1: Visit website

I like Godaddy because of so many reasons. These are the main benefits…

(a) Free Domain: Godaddy give a free domain name when you buy a new web hosting ($12 value).

(b) Fast Loading: Websites hosted with Godaddy open very fast when browsing (A Good Boost for SEO ranking).

(c) Easy to setup your blog with Godaddy. You don’t need any web design or coding knowledge to create your blog. With Godaddy hosting, you simply click few buttons and your blog is ready.

(d) Cheap: With only $12, you will be a proud owner of a professional WordPress blog. Other hosting companies charge higher.

(e) Secure: Godaddy web hosting is secure and protects your blog from various malicious attacks. Most smart bloggers even forge ahead to get extra protection for your blog.

(f) Popular: Godaddy is already popular and so many bloggers use them.


Step 2: Select your $1 Hosting Package

See the picture below…


Select the $1 Economy plan – perfect to get started with basic site like one blog.


Step 3: Pick your Domain name


Type in your preferred domain name like “blogmoneyforsmartguys” or anything you like and click “GO” buttons.


Now that your blog name is available, Click on “Add & Continue” button.


Step 4: Buy your Hosting and get Free Domain Name

After clicking on the “Add & Continue” button, you will see something like the picture below.


Click on “Proceed to Checkout”Button to pay for your hosting – $12 only for full one year.

Once you click it, you will reach a signup form. Click on “Continue” button on the new customer panel. As shown in the picture below.


You will be taken to where you will type in your account information. These are your name, country, address, username, password, email address, as well as your payment information (debit/credit card).

After filling in everything… click “continue button”

Accept the terms of agreement and click “PAY”. You are done with your web hosting purchase from Godaddy.


Step 5: Setup your Blog

After buying your web hosting package for your blog, the next thing is to setup a WordPress blog on the free domain they gave you during signup.

Now login to your web hosting panel as see in the picture below.


Go to Web hosting and click on “manage” button. Once you click manage, you will be asked to setup your hosting aPanel for the first time. This is simple with just few clicks.


Step 6: Install WordPress

On your Web hosting cPanel, visit “Popular Apps”and Click on “WordPress”

popular apps

Now, click Install Application.

Please make sure you use a username and a password that you will remember when installing your WordPress on your cPanel. After installation … You are done.

You will be given a login url to your blog.

Now… Login to your WordPress blog and start blogging. Congratulations! You now have a self hosted WordPress blog.

Your subscription will last for good 12 months (one year) after which you will have to renew it to continue to keep your blog alive. Before them, you could be making serious money if you are serious in what your are doing.

The next steps are few things you will need to do after installing your WordPress blog. I will cover that in a new lesson.

Do you have question on this guide? If yes, let me hear from you in the comments section below. Success!

P.S:If you don't have a blog yet, read steps to create a blog here
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  1. AYODEJI says:

    Really educative. JUST LEARNT SOMETHING NEW
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  2. Naira Wealth says:

    will these hosting plan come with ability to create a subdomain

  3. tony says:

    So its not possible to mk money from AdSense if ur on blogger ?

  4. Chidube Ikah says:

    God bless you for given me this information. Now, my Question is after you have install wordpress on your C Panel and it happens that you buy a new computer, are you going to install the WordPress again on your web hosting control panel.

    • Ifiokobong says:

      You will only need to install WordPress on your cPanel once after that you can then login using your username and password

  5. Idayat Ndaman says:

    Thank you so much Ifiokobong. I now know how to get a verified US PayPal account. What next. How do I publish my articles and e-books.

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