8 best type of products to sell on your blog


One of the best ways to monetize your blog is to sell products to your blog readers. The challenge most bloggers face is knowing what good products to sell and how to sell it. That’s what this post will see to explain.

The fact is that you really need to sell something on your blog is you want to maximize its potential.

Let’s say your blog is fairly new and you have about 1000 unique users every month. This is pretty low but expert bloggers can still make money from it.You can sell an eBook worth $10 to at least 1 person every day if you have a good marketing strategy. This can earn you approximately $300 in a month. This amount is just okay for me if I get from a blog that does not have much web traffic.

So… What is the Best type of product to sell on your blog?

The broader answer to this is “digital product“. These are products that users can easily download online or receive via email address after successful purchase.

The reason why digital product is the best are as follows:

  1. delivery is easy – just by the click of the mouse or a tap on the mobile screen;
  2. there is no logistics in the delivery as in the case of a physical product;
  3. product creation is easy
  4. purchasing rate is higher because of their potability

Those are the few benefits of selling digital products among others.

Best Digital Products to Sell on your Blog.

These are the best selling digital products you can sell on your blog right now.

  1. eBooks
  2. Audio podcasts
  3. pictures and illustrations
  4. software
  5. apps
  6. plugin/widgets
  7. themes
  8. Articles

You can just start selling any of the mentioned items on your blog now and you will be very happy for yourself.

How to Choose the best Digital Products to Sell on your blog.  

I have mentioned quite a number of products you can sell on your blog. But the best one for you will definitely be the one you fully understand how to sell.

Take your time to find out what your blog readers want. You can use a survey to discover your blog reader’s interest. The create any of the digital products listed above and offer to them. Sure, they’ll buy it if the product is valuable.

Very soon, I will teach you product creation blueprint. So, consider subscribing to our email newsletter.

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  1. saheeed says:

    Thanks for creating this blog. It will surely help bloggers who are still struggling to make earnings from their efforts.


  2. I like thise blog, but i am new in it, i dont understand how to make money in it, is it pyscial money or online money and how will it be send to me if i make it, please clear me well.

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    Nice one, you can check on my forum when less busy, http://www.baze2shot.com

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    Thanks for this but I’m not a blogger, just interested in blogging but have never goten the right tutorial, i’ll appreciate if you help me with tutorials on blogging

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    Thanks alot for creating this blog. But I’m new here and everything is confusing. I will so much appreciate it, if U can enlighten me more on blogging. Thanks.

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    Thank you so much for creating this blog for people like me but the problem here is that am new to this blog and I have been suffering day and night to earn a living online but to tell u the truth it has not been easy for me so I really need someone like you to help me. Will u carry me along?

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